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Corporate Finance Advisory

Coprorate Finance advisory services

A long-standing client of ours, the owner of a medium-sized trading business, got in touch recently for advice on some short-term financing. He had been looking for opportunities for expansion and was planning to buy a small business from acquaintance he knew from the social circuit (despite the UAE's standing as an international hub of business, there are still many deals brokered in the old way!).

Before we got on to discussing the finance he needed, we asked what research he had done on the potential acquisition. Vey little, it transpired, he had just gone ahead on what the seller had told him and as he had known him for quite a time, had taken what he said at face value. After a few more probing questions, our client began to have second thoughts and asked us to do some investigation.

The seller was happy to answer all our questions (he certainly wasn't trying to hide anything) but then we identified a problem with the distribution rights to one of his products which would not have automatically transferred with the sale, meaning the buyer not receiving everything he was expecting.

In the event, it all ended happily: the problem was successfully negotiated with the manufacturer of the products, we were able to advise on the financing, the sale went through and our bonus was that the seller is now one of our clients!

Although this was not a mega-deal, it does illustrate the importance of good research in all matters pertaining to corporate finance.

whether it is capital investment or growing your business through mergers or acquisitions, we can provide the vital support from the time when the project is first conceived.

And, it is not just deals within the UAE where we can help. The global reach of the UHY network, with representation in 89 countries, means our member firms are well-placed to provide advice and local knowledge to assist clients to develop an acquisition approach, identify targets or intersted parties, instigate negotiations and help conclude transactions.

If you are looking to sell your business or plan an exit strategy, we can help you with initial preparation, valuation and marketing to potential investors, negotiation through tax minimisation and investment planning. From initial assesssment of strategy through the deal completion, we can assist through the whole process.


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